Romantic views

We have many “Miradouros”, which are balconies over the city. In the summer time, we usually get a few drinks and walk to one of these points, where we can enjoy the night lights of the city and a good laugh with friends. If you’re lucky, there will be some sort of street performer that … Continue reading Romantic views

Where to stay

My favorite areas of the city (and also the most central) would be Chiado, Príncipe Real, Rossio, Baixa. From there you can walk to most places or, if a bit further away, there is always a direct transportation to the other spots. So, anywhere around this area on the map, really! 🙂 Accommodation: The hotel … Continue reading Where to stay

Lisbon love

Lisbon, a city full of soul and that was made to fall in love with. Being from there, I am of course biassed, but I just love how colorful and vibrant Lisbon is… The red roofs, the blue river, the colorful houses, the green of the trees and the amazing views that the hills provide … Continue reading Lisbon love